Read for My School

Read for my school

 National reading competition taking place from 27th January to 28th March for children in years 3 – 8.

The aim of the competition is to get children reading as many books from as many different genres as they can over the two months.

Children can read books online, online from the Read for my School website, from the school library, public library or from home.

One of the organisers, Pearson Education has pledged to donate at least 100,000 new books to schools in Tanzania through Book Aid International’s programme, Library in a box. Children will also be encouraged to write a letter to children in Tanzania.

There are prizes up for grabs. Any child reading 8 or more books will be entered in a prize draw and any school as a whole where children have read 250+ will also be entered for a prize draw.

To take part or for more information see Miss Whiteley or your class teacher.


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